joliette / Frameworks
$50.00 - $160.00

  • joliette / Frameworks
  • joliette / Frameworks
  • joliette / Frameworks
  • joliette / Frameworks

joliette / Frameworks
$50.00 - $160.00

We met Frameworks in the spring of 2014 at an unofficial SXSW showcase and had been following them since their Small Victories EP. That night we played with them -who we consider one of the most promising bands in the U.S. screamo/punk scene- and also became close friends.

This Split was recorded during Frameworks’ tour in Mexico in 2016. it features tracks from each band's latest releases (Ataxico by joliette and Smother by Frameworks), all recorded live in one take. This tape will serve as a memento of the good times we spent with Frameworks and we hope that there are even better ones to come.


We first caught up Joliette in 2014, during SXSW, in a small bar where they played. We remember being immediately blown away by how tight and sharp they were. The following year we hosted them in Florida at Fest 14, where they played our favorite set of the entire weekend. In 2016 they invited us to tour in Mexico. While we were on the road, we came with the idea for this Split: to do a live battle set where we go song for song, which turned out to be incredibily more difficult (for us) than we expected. They just don’t mess up live.
Touring Mexico with Joliette was definitely the coolest tour we’ve ever done and this split exemplifies how incredible the experience was.


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* Esta es una preventa, comenzarán a ser enviados a finales de Marzo del 2018
** En la compra de este cassette recibirás una descarga digital gratis

Track Listing

  1. joliette - Henry Coyote
  2. Frameworks - The New Narcissistic American Dream
  3. Frameworks - Marathon
  4. joliette - Tionkel

Pressing Information

100 - Burgundy (Light & Noise Records Exclusive)
100 - Ivory (Deathwish Exclusive)

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